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Last semester I spent becoming familiar with the Georeferenced Cultural Repository Inventory Codebook. For example, I had to research sites in order to rank them by cultural significance. Some sites proved easier to rank than others. I also became familiar about how to use Google Maps to mark a precise latitude and longitude. The focus of our information gathering had an almost frenetic feel because we were researching sites in the Caribbean, many of which was affected by Hurricanes Rita and Irma.

This semester has started with a continuation of locating and describing relevant institutions. However, there is a different feel to the approach and pacing because I am researching the developed Western European country of Denmark. Unlike the Caribbean islands, De Gruyter’s Museums of the World is filled with sites for Denmark. However, there is still a need for in-depth research and digging. Names need to be translated as best as possible and double checked to see if they still exist. Some museums are part of a larger complex which can present issues when creating tidy or manageable data. There are still some strange cases where museum associations are included, and the decision needs to be made on whether to include them or not. I was grateful that our supervisor Gracie Golden has answered our questions in a timely manner. Because of this, I was able to determine that two of the museum associations did not need to be included in the dataset. I have also been able to make final decisions about translations.

Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing how the individual information we have been collecting will play out in the larger mapping project.

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View of the Design Museum in Copenhagen/KĂžbenhavn (Wikimedia Creative Commons)
Several museums listed in De Gruyter’s Museums of the World, but additional research was necessary.