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Project Update: Exhibits

I am in the process of trying to decide what exhibits to include on my site. I currently have the exhibit DC 2016, which includes a variety of materials all related to the festival in the DC Metro Area last year. This exhibit includes artists’ books that were shown in participating libraries and galleries, announcements for events and exhibits, and videos of poetry readings and interviews. These materials naturally lent themselves to an exhibit, and they come from a variety of collections that I have set up (artists’ books, ephemera, poetry readings, etc.). The exhibit builder plugin allows me to bring all of these materials together under a common theme.

However, I am not trying to decide what other exhibits might be beneficial. I do not want to create exhibits without a purpose which could become redundant compared to the collections. One idea is to highlights the artists’ books and broadsides created for the Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here project that I then purchased for the George Mason University Libraries collection. I have several photographs of many of the works, including photos from different angles. However, I would need to expand on the metadata to describe the materials and techniques used to create the works. There are a couple broadsides that did not appear in the DC 2016 exhibit so there would be some unique titles. This approach would also allow me to explain how these titles were added to the collection. Perhaps this background information would justify creating a separate exhibit apart from the DC 2016 exhibit and the Artists’ Books Collection.

Project frustrations

  1. Geolocation plugin: Thankfully, this was an easily solved problem. I just needed to add the correct API from Google Maps.
  2. Exhibit builder: This issue is taking longer to resolve. I can see the exhibit pages from the back end, but I can not always view them on the public facing side. After reading through the Omeka forums and working with one of the representatives at Reclaim Hosting, I was able to get a more detailed error message. However, I’m still trying to figure out how to resolve it.

Error message: