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I have usually looked at Wikipedia as a starting place for finding more information about a topic. Unless I am simply looking for the plot of a movie or book, it has never been my end point for information. Being told repeatedly that anyone can edit it and that some people use it to spread misinformation/uninformed opinions, I’ve always looked at the entries with some skepticism. Being able to look at the history of the entry for digital humanities showed that the majority of primary editors are actually scholars and practitioners in the field. While there may be a bias toward particular institutions like UCL, I feel more confident in the information. However, I still see the entries as background information or a starting point for research. Reading “Encyclopedia Frown” by David Auerbach was especially compelling in showing the sexism, elitism, and bureaucracy. I have seen multiple presentations by the creators of Art + Feminism, and I am familiar with their efforts to more accurately represent women in the arts. Auerbach’s essay provided a supportive voice for this project and others like it.