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Clio App

Search results for Charlotte using Clio app:

This is the second time I’ve used the Clio app, and I’m still in that enthralled new user stage. The mobile app is easy to use and read.

The incorporation of Google Maps and the option to lock or unlock the maps is invaluable as is the link to getting directions. Granted, if I wanted to use a different GPS app like Waze this option would not be as convenient. However, the app provides a street address that can be copied and pasted into another GPS app. Plus, there is the added bonus that it tells you how many miles away the site is from your current location (which can be easily updated). Seeing this mapping in action reaffirms my desire to include the map plugin in Omeka. Geography/location is an important component for the project and many of the individual items. Plus it is an engaging, interactive, and  visual tool.

One thing I looked for in the entries was the source of the information. Each entry notes the user that uploaded and/or updated the entry. I was a little concerned when I noticed that the same person wrote multiple entries, thinking her personal bias might become a factor. However, I was able to find several entries by other users after additional searching. As a librarian who teaches students about citing reliable sources, I was impressed that many of the entries included a “works cited” type feature. While may of these sources include the site’s own website pages, there are often other information sources included such as county websites and local publications. It creates a better balance of information. However, referencing the site’s own website is not necessarily a bad thing.

I encountered a couple entries that had trouble loading the full page, and I couldn’t get a readable file when using their share feature. However, I was impressed overall by the app’s capabilities. I will definitely use this app when traveling to new places. However, I’m inclined to use the app in Charlotte since I am still new to the area.