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Defining DH

Trying to define Digital Humanities reminds me of trying to define artists’ books. Both terms have a complexity and clarity to them.

Instead of seeing Digital Humanities as the intersection of computer or technology and the humanities, I see it as the integration of the two. The two function as a integral unit. Incorporating technologies like mapping and networking helps those studying the humanities to see patterns and connections they never would have been able to see otherwise and certainly not so quickly.

Melissa Terras’ blog post “Peering Inside the Big Tent: Digital Humanities and the Crisis of Inclusion” resonated with my own experiences studying art history. She poses several questions about what qualifies as doing DH. For instance, does studying digital images of artwork instead of slide count? I would argue that this is simply a new and more accessible way of studying images. However, projects like Photogrammar which provides a way to organize, search and visualize FSA-OWI photographs in ways that were not possible before.